Addi Industries Limited, a focused vision and commitment are the main elements of its growth in the textile business. The Company was established in 1980 and headquartered in the State of Delhi. We are dealing in Knitwear Fabric sector and readymade garments. The Company was formed as a response to the apparent need in the Indian Textile Industry for products and services.

The Company has been exploring and assessing various available business propositions for diversification including, inter-alia, the manufacturing of woven garments, for better prospects, and for augmenting the resources & the profitability of the Company.

Today, despite the midst of a highly fierce and competitive textile market, the Company is committed to seize the future opportunities with its skilled workforce and maximize customer’s satisfaction.

Addi Industries, as a responsible corporate citizen, strongly adheres to corporate governance principles to ensure that the resources of the company are used in a manner that fulfil its obligations to all stakeholders.